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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tricycle Diaper Cake

My friend Danice is expecting a baby any day. We had a baby shower for her, this is what I brought! It was a blast making and very simple to do!

Tons of fun!

Halloween 2011

Well this was the first year that both of the kids actually enjoyed taking the guts out of the pumpkins!
No Sensory issues there!

Landen did comment that this was gross though!

Miss Lexie on halloween! So darn cute!

Princess Logan! What a doll!

Halloween night!


Princess Alyssa

1st piece of Candy!

They went around the block but had more fun handing out the candy! It was so cute, we ran out of candy and they wanted to give out their candy from their buckets! So we did, they kept about 20 pieces! So sweet! They wanted to stay outside all night!

Karate Halloween Party

Landen's Karate School had a Halloween sleepy over party! Well Landen was only allowed to go for a few hours, mom was not going to allow for the sleepover part to happen! Mom was nervous that Landen would have nightmare after this party but he had a blast and mom was amazed!

Landen was Batman

We also got to see the really batman, Landen thought that was super cool!

Some of the scary things at the party! Landen just thought it was funny!

Inside the haunted house!

The outside of the haunted house, Landen wanted to go in stayed outside. He went in with some of his older friends! He must have gone in 30 times throughout the night. The funny thing is he would come running out at the end laughing...someone was trying to get him at the end!

They also had sparing match offs....he would raise his hand matter how big the other kid was he was going to spare! So funny!

Landen won!


Enjoying the beautiful weather

So yes it cooled off quickly we went from shorts to pants in a day! We love it! Fall is finally here! We know that living in Arizona before you know it, it will be summer again! So taking time to enjoy it! We checked out a new park!

We love to climb so this was great!

All Smiles!

Landen was teaching Alyssa how to go across the gym!

Digging dirt...Later Landen said this is too mcuh work, it is much easier to just use your hands!

Brother, sister love!!

In the mornings we love feeding the birds!

Or as Landen...he eats the bread as well!

Landen jammin before school, waiting for mom to get all the kids together!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Landen's School Picture

Landen's school Picture

Kids Halloween Party

Gracie had her Annual Halloween Party! We had a blast!

Cookie Decorating

Pin the tail on the black cat

we even got prizes.....Landen got a fishing pole and Alyssa got a new puzzle


After the party Russ and Lillie came over so their mom could go to a baby shower!

Landen's 1st Karate Tournament

There are some of Landens competitors

Geared up for the sparing part of the tournament

Waiting for his turn

Landen got 4th place for sparing and 4th place for his forms! Awesome work buddy!

This is a video of him doing his forms all byself in front of the judges

Playing in the dirt

We are all about playing in the dirt right now that it is starting to cool down! We sure need baths after a long day of treasure hunting in the dirt!

Scooter Fun

Alyssa and her trick

Here goes Landen

Kourtney came over to show us her baby pet turtle!